I’m almost done with the soft launch of the website. I’ve got it live, and I’m just sewing up some odds and ends before I send it out to the public at large. If you were linked here it’s because I think you’re pretty neato and I’d like to get your opinion on the website.

I’d especially appreciate it if you could take a look over my Case Studies, and give me your thoughts. (the blog post sections are still a little wonky from local to live transfer and there’s nothing new on them other than the stuff I’ve already put out on Medium).

I’ve got a bunch of blog posts planned though for the future!

  1. A tutorial on my neural network artistic process
  2. A sampling of several other techniques I’ve seen used by other designers and artists with neural networks.
  3. a breakdown of the limitations of neural networks as an artistic tool.
  4. The art history of the surrealists, algorists, pop art, impressionists, and conceptual art and how this informs our understanding of the evolution of neural network technology in the creative space.
  5. At least 2 articles on photogrammetry
  6. A pretentious article about my design/development process and the intersection I see there between code, traditional art-making, and design.
  7. Reflections on virtualization and what this could mean for the future of both the web and native applications from the perspective of someone who is both artistically and technically inclined
  8. An article about how Flash was the best ever and I’m sorry it’s gone (jk jk… or am I?)


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