EDIT: This post is long long long overdue. I originally wrote this 2 months after the launch of the website, in April, but yeah…  life got in the way. This thing was basically done but I wanted to really nail it and fix some stuff up before I posted. So here we go.

People I’d like to thank.

A huge thanks to my vurv family. vurv def helped keep me sane.

In particular Harry, you kept me from going nuts. I’ll be rejoining you at the climbing gym soon 🙂

Thank you to Craig who snapped my portfolio portrait.

A big thanks to Vickie O’Dell. She helps run Open Austin, a tech and government transparency organization here in Austin. She invited me to the fresh2design in Austin, which is how I met Adam Zeiner and my other vurv comrades.  (also she does awesome design consulting!)

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Lastly to my parents. I have grown in my thankfulness over the years. There have been some tough times and struggle, but most importantly they’ve made me realize how lucky, how privileged I am. A big part of that is my parents. Love you guys.

Educators and Organizations I’d like to thank.

Can I thank Stack Overflow? Like the website? The people on it, I guess? Stack Overflow was an absolute necessity to learning to code. (Side note: Uh… got a very ironic twist to this gratitude coming up in a new article).

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A big thanks to the Austin WordPress community who dealt with my pestering questions on Slack. (I’m actually going to be speaking for one of the meetups next month! (I did speak!)) A huge shoutout to the WordPress Open Source community in general. I’ve never met such a welcoming and creative open source community before.

Lastly, I’m a big fan of Hack 4 Change here in Austin. It was transformative. It hooked me on civic tech. The 2018 hackathon is fast approaching! GO SIGN UP!    ( Side note: uh yeah… that came and went. You can always sign up next year!)

David Waldron and Sarah Sharif put a ton of work into it and it really shows. 

Frameworks/Tools I used

Macy.js: a dope Masonry style gallery builder.

Parallax.js: Parallax library that can use phone tilt to control layer movement.

Rellax: Parallax library for scrolling based animation that’s clean, easy to use, and not overly complicated with extra features. 

Fancybox: Excellent, lightweight jQuery based lightbox library.

slabText: Fit text to it’s container size dynamically.

Also a huge fan of Gutenberg which is the new visual editor for WordPress. Highly recommend giving it a download and trying it out. ( Gutenberg is now actually coming out! Which is one reason why it’s taken me awhile to update things because I wanted to better support it and also because my original website theme was a mess and I wanted to refactor things. )

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