3D Models and Shaders

I first got into making 3D models because I wanted to have a better grasp of the underlying technology for Unity, so that I could learn to program in Unity and make my own VR experiences. Well now I’ve kind of fallen in love! There’s some really beautiful and amazing stuff about 3D modeling, and graphics programming!

I also think this stuff is pretty relevant to my field as a web dev. With projects like three.js, WebGL, and WebVR bringing 3D experiences into the browser, I think that contemporary web developers should prepare for a multidimensional future. It’s coming ya’ll.

Here’s some of my models! Click on the gallery previews to open an iframe embed from Sketchfab, where you can look at the model in realtime, in the browser!

I’ve also been learning how to make my own custom shaders using Shaderforge, TouchDesigner, and Amplify. I’ll get a Unity demo up with some examples of those soon.