Wild Ruse

Wild Ruse is probably the single biggest project I’ve taken on my own. It was an “unofficial” thesis that I had to do on the downlow due to intra-department political shuffling in the film department at Brandeis. This mean that I had to do everything pretty much by myself but I think that just shows how ambitious and driven I was!

I wrote the script, did all the pre-production planning and budgeting, raised 3k in funding, hired professional actors, edited, and did post production on it, all by myself. I had a tiny crew of student volunteers who helped me with shooting(who could not even get school credit due to the unofficial nature of the project, and to them I am eternally grateful).

It’s far from perfect. In retrospect I see a lot of issues with the project that I wish I could go back and fix, but I think the important thing about failure is getting up, and learning from it. I like to include this in my portfolio, because not only am I very proud of the ambition and hard work that I put into it, I also think it still shows off some of my VFX and conceptual skills pretty well!

The basic premise of the film is that a cop hires a thief to help him in a heist, to steal the soul of an infamous gangster. It’s also got some weird non-linear magical realism story telling thrown in there for good measure. It’s weird, and glitchy, and a little punk rock.